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mod_cband is an Apache 2 module provided to solve the problem of limiting users’ and virtualhosts’ bandwidth usage. The current versions can set virtualhosts’ and users’ bandwidth quotas, maximal download speed (like in mod_bandwidth), requests-per-second speed and the maximal number of simultanous IP connections (like in mod_limitipconn)

I advise using mod_cband by hosting companies, which would like to limit data transfer for their users, such as „10Gb of traffic per month”. There already exists the mod_curb module, which can limit data transfers, but it doesn’t work with virtualhosts and Apache 2, so I wrote my own module fully compatible with Apache 2 API and supporting per-user and per-virtualhost bandwidth limiting

The mod_cband Freshmeat record is systematicaly updated so if you are already a member of Freshmeat, you can subscribe to new releases and receive new version notifications from them.



  • mod_cband documentation
  • mod_cband FAQ


    • Lightweight bandwidth limiting module for Apache2
    • per-user bandwidth limiting
    • per-virtualhost bandwidth limiting
    • per-destination bandwidth limiting
    • Limiting:
      • Bandwidth total usage (bandwidth quota)
      • Maximal download speed (bandwidth throttling)
      • Maximal requests-per-second speed
      • Maximal simultanous IP connections
    • Support for virtualhosts
    • Support for defined users
    • Support for /cband-status handler
    • Support for /cband-status-me handler


Latest news

  • [01-06-2009] – The homepage of the project is alive again!
  • [14-08-2007] – New turkish translation is also available for reading. Thanks to Murat Ugur!!
  • [08-08-2007] – The first bulgarian tutorial for mod_cband is available!! Thanks to Amri from – Web Design – Dobrich
  • [14-11-2006] – mod_cband is available for download!!

Latest version

mod-cband- mod-cband-







mod_cband is distributed under GNU GPL license


Bug tracking system

mod_cband’s bug tracking system is available here

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