about the module

mod_cband is an Apache 2 module provided to solve the problem of limiting users’ and virtualhosts’ bandwidth usage. The current versions can set virtualhosts’ and users’ bandwidth quotas, maximal download speed (like in mod_bandwidth), requests-per-second speed and the maximal number of simultanous IP connections (like in mod_limitipconn)

I advise using mod_cband by hosting companies, which would like to limit data transfer for their users, such as “10Gb of traffic per month”. There already exists the mod_curb module, which can limit data transfers, but it doesn’t work with virtualhosts and Apache 2, so I wrote my own module fully compatible with Apache 2 API and supporting per-user and per-virtualhost bandwidth limiting

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* Lightweight bandwidth limiting module for Apache2

* **per-user bandwidth limiting**

* **per-virtualhost bandwidth limiting**

* **per-destination bandwidth limiting**

* Limiting:

  * Bandwidth total usage (**bandwidth quota**)

  * Maximal download speed (**bandwidth throttling**)

  * Maximal requests-per-second speed

  * Maximal simultanous IP connections

* Support for virtualhosts

* Support for defined users

* Support for **/cband-status** handler

* Support for **/cband-status-me** handler

Latest news

* **[01-06-2009]** - The homepage of the project is alive again!

* **[14-08-2007]** - New turkish translation is also available for reading. Thanks to **[Murat Ugur!!](**

* **[08-08-2007]** - The first **bulgarian tutorial** for mod_cband is available!! Thanks to **Amri** from []( - Web Design - Dobrich

* **[14-11-2006]** - mod_cband is available for [download](!!

Latest version

mod-cband- mod-cband-


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* **Lukasz Dembinski - []( - head developer**

* Sergey V. Beduev [**shaman |at| interdon |dot| net**]( - per-destination bandwidth limiter

* Kyle Poulter[** kyle |at| unixowns |dot| us**]( - /cband-status handler with XML Output

* J. Kendzorra [**kenzo |at| kenzo |dot| homelinux |dot| org**]( - bandwidth limit units

* Adam Dawidowski[** drake |at| oomkill |dot| net**]( - bandwidth limit units, module stress testing


mod_cband is distributed under GNU GPL license

Bug tracking system

mod_cband’s bug tracking system is available here